Non-Medical & Simplified Insurance

What is Non-Medical & Simplified Life Insurance?

Non-medical life insurance is a kind of life insurance that does not require a medical examination by a doctor. It’s known to be simple, easy, and fast. With non-medical life insurance or simplified insurance, you are guaranteed a fast response with no hassles. This type of coverage is great for those that have had medical issues, participate in extreme hobbies, or have lifestyle habits that could make traditional coverage not available to them.

Benefits of Non-Medical Life Insurance

  • Higher coverage options
  • Affordable and comprehensive plans
  • No need for medical exams
  • Peace of mind
  • Easy application process
  • Over the phone appointments or applications
  • Lenient on travel and hazardous sports or lifestyles
  • No declined, postponed, or rated questions
  • No family history questions - up to $25,000 coverage - up to $750,000 coverage
  • No financial underwriting
  • Anyone 18-80 years old can apply
  • Payments start in the second month