CSA: Skipping Your Break Is Worse Than DUI

Posted by Ravi Gulati | Posted in News of Interest | Posted on 16-08-2013

A change was made to the CSA scoring system recently when a new violation was added to CSA profiles this past week. A carrier will now receive seven points on their BASIC score if drivers fail to take their federally mandated 30-minute break. A DUI/DWI will earn a carrier five points.

Another change that was made is to add a new violation that would add three points to a carrier’s BASIC score if a driver has alcohol in the cab with him. This change came at the request of law enforcement officers who previously had to add a five point alcohol use violation any time that a driver had an open container in their vehicle.

This of course means that the CSA thinks that a driver who misses their 30 minute break is more than twice the safety risk as a driver who has an open bottle of whisky sitting next to them.

CSA: Skipping Your Break Is Worse Than DUI. – Truckers Report http://tinyurl.com/l59tkc8